Application Design / UX / UI





Adobe Illustrator / Adobe XD / Adobe After Effects

Cliq is a mobile application targeted towards young females, trans people, the LGBTQ community and other minorities who are at a greater risk to be targeted for sexual violence in Canada. The application name is a pun off the word clique and click and it’s purpose is to enhance security of individuals when going out to bars and clubs where sexual violence is more prevalent. A group of friends can connect through the app by “creating an event”. This will allow the group to see their friend’s locations within a venue, allowing them to keep track of each other in crowded places. The app also initiates templated group texts, and the ability to quickly drop their location to the user’s Cliq in case they are caught in an uncomfortable situation. Most sexual violence encounters don’t get reported, therefore this app helps to fight back against sexual harassers by keeping in touch with the user’s inner circle or “Cliq” at all times. The application uses concepts of dark UX to draw the user to important features of the app. This feature is effective when designing for those who may be intoxicated when using the app, as it makes app features (especially safety features) easier to find.