Exhibition Curation and Design





Print Design 2D Animatic

The Canadian Archival and Design Exchange come together to showcase the history of Canadian graphic design by presenting an exhibition called Interlinked. This exhibition features Burton Kramer and Scott Ferguson. With Kramer being a historical designer and Ferguson being contemporary, the art exhibit is a unique blend of design from the 1900s to design being made for the present day society.

Project Elements

The project featured a teaser animation, teaser brochure, exhibition catalogue as well as other assets such as tickets, and exhibition walk through.

Print materials: The following images are images of spreads found in the exhibition catalogue.

Portrait of Featured Designer Scott Ferguson

Animation: The video featured below is a teaser animatic made with the intention to create brand awareness for the Exhibition (to be featured on social media, and other digital marketing platforms).

Teaser Brochure: The teaser brochure is designed to be released alongside the animatic. The print piece is meant to incorporate both the motion work from Scott Ferguson, as well as the optical illusion pieces designed by Burton Kramer

Exhibition walk-though: The walk-through is made in Sketchup (3D modeling software) with each room representing a different design category that Scott and Kramer incorporated into their work.